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The Bus Industry Confederation (BIC), its industrial arm APTIA and the Bus Australia Network (BAN) are committed to act as the voice for our industry.

About this Hub

This Covid-19 Industry Hub was established as a means to alert Industry to current Covid-advocacy activities and, where we believe there is benefit, provide Industry with supplementary information to the work currently being undertaken by the Australian government. We encourage all of Industry to implement a system that ensures you are up to date with business assistance packages being offered by federal and state/territory governments.

As the Australian government has moved to a 3-Step Framework for a COVIDSafe Australia and to nationally reopen to a state of ‘COVID Normal’, wherever it is safe to do so, by December 2020, this Industry Hub will no longer be maintained. However the business tools and general information on the Hub will remain on this site until September 2021.

Our dedicated Your Government web page contains the most recent announcements and resources  from the federal government.

We strongly recommend that you visit to stay updated and download the WhatsApp or Coronovirus App (mobile users) to keep informed. The website includes a suite of ready-made workplace safety resources and tools (such as posters and signage).

Our dedicated Your Workplace web page contains employment guides relating to workplace health and safety and government assistance programs (such as JobKeeper). We also have a Workplace Heroes section on this page to highlight the 'good stuff' being implemented by our National Members.

Due to the ongoing high impact on operations on our long distance, tour, charter and express sector, we have a dedicated Your Coaches page. 

This Industry Hub contains a vital links page to various national and state/territory services and other industry research/resources that may also assist your business. The Hub also includes a Healthwise Corner which will be regularly updated with short videos to keep your mind and body fine tuned.

Despite the day to day impacts that we are all dealing with in the world of Covid-19, the Commonwealth public service continues its functions as it was doing prior to pandemic impact day of March 11. The BIC will continue on with its 2020 Work Program, working with various government agencies on current and arising issues.        

Current Activities 

The BIC has undertaken a number of projects addressing critical Covid-19 business operations issues - both broad and specific. Within a matter of days of the pandemic being declared on March 11 by the WHO, the BIC was aware of a number of businesses already making decisions to completely close or suspend business. By March 23, Australia was in Stage 1 of emergency response (social gathering restrictions) and by March 31, Stage 2 (lock down) came into effect. The BIC has been working with the Federal Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, the National Covid-19 Coordination Commission and consulting to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We have also provided a number of vital Industry papers and alerts to Treasury, Premiers, Transport Ministers, Tourism Ministers, Industry and Manufacturing Ministers across Australia, articulating the ‘bus business’ issues and ‘covid effects’ for operators, manufacturers and suppliers.

There are a number of key covid-recovery initiatives that we are working on to ensure the bus and coach industry is well positioned on the road-out and in the long-term provision of moving people services. A big component of industry sustainability is our manufacture and supply sector. We are currently providing reports and advice to the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the NCCC (Andrew Liveris - Special Advisor) and Karen Andrews Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology.

A significant issue for Industry is the survival of our long distance, charter and express sector. The BIC has been providing advice and key industry facts to the Tourism Restart Taskforce (TRT) which was appointed by the Australian government to provide advice on tourism and related operations in Covid-19. The TRT is a committee of tourism and hospitality organisations headed up by ACCI, Austrade, Federal Treasury and the National Covid-19 Coordination Commission. On July 4 2020, the Taskforce reported back to the Australian government on how best to restart tourism and related operations in Australia. The report did not hold back on its review of the $125 billion tourism dollars at stake and provided a concise look at the issues across all sectors (including our coach sector) and indicated to government that “coach tourism has been decimated by the Covid-19 pandemic”.

Go to our dedicated Covid-19 page on the Long Distance, Tour, Charter and Express sector. 


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