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This page contains links to relevant government Covid-19 health related websites and resources. We will also provide industry specific information or alerts relating to mitigating the risks of Covid-19 in your work place.  As at March 30, the nation is currently at Stage 3 (Social Distancing) restrictions and with the national cabinet meeting every other day, it is important that you keep updated with the health directives coming from the Australian government at and be ready to act. 


The BIC supports the Australian government’s CovidSafe App as an integral step to slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The health, wellbeing and economic value of our industry is paramount and the sooner we work together to stop the spread of COVID-19, the sooner restrictions will be lifted, and we can return to normality. To download the CovidSafe App click here. Download CovidSafe FAQS.

Go now to the Healthwise Corner to get your healthy dose of wellbeing. The Healthwise Corner of this Hub is intended to keep your mind and body fine tuned. Videos will be regularly uploaded and will cover a range of topics on how you can take the best from the worst, stay safe and sound during the pandemic. So please return regularly to get the healthwise tips your business and your staff might need over the coming months.

Download industry's general Health Awareness Guide produced in 2015 - containing relevant information on ensuring a healthy workplace.

The Australian Government is funding Beyond Blue to develop a 24/7 service in response to the growing demand for mental health support as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Go to the Beyond Blue website.

In this section of the Hub we will be developing a resources list of products and services offered by BIC National Members that may assist you in keeping your workplace safe and help mitigate interruption of business operations. Go to the Health Services section on this page.

COVID-19 Emergency Contact Numbers by State

If you or your staff feel unwell, have a fever or sore throat. PLEASE do not go to the medical centre/family clinic or the hospital, please contact the communicable disease control branch by state directly.

Coronavirus Health Information Line Operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week 1800 020 080.


Healthwise Corner with Nikki

Keeping your mind and body healthy when managing the Covid-19 in your workplace, in your home, with your staff and associates is a critical element to ensure that we as an industry and as individuals recover "in form" long after the virus is gone. This Healthwise Corner will be updated regularly by BIC Member Nikki Brouwers from Navigate Health. Nikki is a well-respected and passionate health professional and has spent more than two decades assisting people with an injury, illness or disease by returning them to work to recover at work. A recognised thought leader in workplace health, Nikki is also a passionate and enthusiastic contributor to the bus and coach industry. The BIC sincerely extends our appreciation to Nikki in taking the time to share her knowledge and experience.

If you would like Nikki to share her thoughts on a specific topic, please send an email to



Nikki Brouwers
Episode 1 of Healthwise

In this episode, Nikki tells us how we might implement some really simple things to manage the anxiety fall-out of dealing with everything that is going on around you, your family and friends, dealing with the business and staff. Get your calm on by watching this video.

Nikki Brouwers
Episode 2 of Healthwise

In episode 2, in the wake of recovery, Nikki chats about the return to work and coping with the next round of changes we will have to incorporate into our every day working lives.

Nikki Brouwers
Episode 3 of Healthwise

Nikki delves into workers compensation claims and supporting your workers after a claim has been lodged.


Australian Government Wellbeing Support during COVID-19


Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue CEO Georgie Harman explains how to maintain mental health amid the uncertainty.

Australian Government
Good Hygiene Starts Here

Australian Government
Help Stop the Spread

Australian Government
Social Distancing



Health Services

The BIC National Members are an all-sorts package of industry expertise and may be able to help you relieve some of the health safety concerns or issues that you might have in keeping your workplace, your staff, your buses and passengers safe.

We encourage BIC Members to provide content to this section by emailing



Thermal Imaging Cameras and thermal devices for workplaces and buses

Phone: +61 3 9872 6673

What is thermal?


Any object with temperature above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of radiation. The thermal camera converts IR radiation into a gray value, and establishes the accurate corresponding relation between gray value and temperature through the temperature measurement algorithm model.


It is well-known that one major symptom of virus infections is Body Temperature. Therefore, a thermal camera with high temperature accuracy can detect the elevated body temperature for preliminary screening.


  1. High Efficiency: It takes only one second for a thermal camera to detect the temperature of each person. This reduces congestion in the screening area when passing through the screening point.
  2. Safety: The thermal camera supports non-contact temperature measurement which can accurately measure temperature at a distance of approximately one metre. This reduces the risk of infection from physical contact.

Download the thermal solution.pdf  







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