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Supporting beyondblue - Heads Up Program

The Bus Industry Confederation believes every Australian business should be taking action to create mentally healthy workplaces. 

As part of the BIC's commitment to promoting the mental health of workforces in the bus and coach industry, we have signed up to be part of the Heads Up campaign – a joint initiative between beyondblue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance.  

Download your Headsup Starter Kit.

We recognise the clear benefits of mentally healthy workplaces – for businesses and the broader community. One in five Australian workers is currently experiencing a mental health condition, and untreated depression and anxiety result in more than 6 million lost working days every year. We also know that stigma and fear of discrimination often prevents people from speaking openly and seeking the support they need at work. 

beyondblue CEO Georgie Harman says creating a mentally healthy workplace has benefits for employees and employers alike. 

“Employers who are mindful of their employee’s wellbeing and introduce supporting policies promote greater worker satisfaction and deliver enormous productivity improvements, making it a truly win-win situation,” she said. “Too many business leaders, however, still don’t know how to help people who may be struggling with a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. These people continue to face discrimination and do not receive the same support that people with physical conditions receive. Employers who do not promote good mental health miss out on the benefits that it can bring, but adopting Heads Up can help to change that.”

Promoting a mentally healthy workplace is one of our top priorities, and we encourage all organisations in Australia to take the first step towards a more productive future.


Heads Up
Heads Up is all about supporting Australian businesses to create more mentally healthy
workplaces. Access a wide range of resources, information and advice for all employees,
and create a tailored action plan for your business.

The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance
A national approach by business, community and government to encourage Australian
workplaces to become mentally healthy for the benefit of the whole community and
businesses, big and small.

Learn more about anxiety and depression, or talk it through with our Support Service.
1300 22 4636
Email or chat to us online at

Access to trusted, relevant mental health care services, online programs and resources 

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