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The Bus Buzz

The Bus Buzz is a quarterly publication distributed by one of our industry partners, The University of Sydney, Institute of Transport & Logistics Studies (ITLS).


July 2016

This edition of Bus Buzz from ITLS picks up on some key issues including the NSW Government investment in B Line the Northern Beaches Bus Rapid Transit system that will link the Northern Beaches with the CBD. This is an exciting project and highlights that it ain’t always about what light rail and bus rapid transit can deliver. The iconic route from Palm Beach to the city, the famous L90, that has served the Northern Beaches for many years will be given the special treatment and upgraded to a rapid transit solution that will provide commuters with a much shorter travel time to and from the City on one of Sydney’s most congested roads during peak hour.

April 2016

In this quarterly report, a number of research projects are discussed including how the built environment moderates the relationship between transport poverty and health, effects of bus network planning on patronage and equity and the latest TOPS.

  • The following papers have been published since the last Bus Buzz:
  • Mulley C, Tsai C 2016 When and how much does new transport infrastructure add to property values? Evidence from the bus rapid transit system in Sydney, Australia', Transport Policy
  • Nelson J, and Mulley C 2016 'Shaping the New Future of Paratransit: Agenda for Research and Practice', Transportation Research Record
  • Batarce M, and Mulley C 2016 'Fare Structures', in Restructuring public transport through Bus Rapid Transit: An international and interdisciplinary perspective, ed. Munoz JC & Paget-Seekins L, Policy Press, Bristol, United Kingdom, pp. 145-160
  • Hensher DA, Mulley C and Rose J 2016 'Preferences for BRT and light rail', in Restructuring public transport through Bus Rapid Transit: An international and interdisciplinary perspective, ed. Munoz JC & Paget-Seekins L, Policy Press, Bristol, United Kingdom, pp. 209-229
  • Herrera JC, Munoz JC, Hensher DA, Mulley C, Li Z and Lindau LA 2016 'Assessing corridor performance', in Restructuring public transport through Bus Rapid Transit: An international and interdisciplinary perspective, ed. Munoz JC & Paget-Seekins L, Policy Press, Bristol, United Kingdom, pp. 299-315
December 2015
  • The following papers have been published since the last Bus Buzz:

- Mulley C, Tsai C 2015 Forthcoming 'The impact of Bus Rapid Transit on Housing Price and Accessibility Changes in Sydney: A Repeat Sales Approach', International Journal of Sustainable Transportation.

- Mulley C, Ma L, Clifton G, Yen B and Burke M 2015 'Spatial variations of the effects of bus rapid transit on residential property values', ITLS Working paper 2015, number 19.

  • ITLS welcomes the High Commissioner of Mauritius.
  • Australasian Transport Research Forum resentations are now available.
  • Scholarships open to study Masters of Transport Management.
  • Henry Halloran Trust funding to develop evidence about public transport, health and land use.
  • The official opening of the Sydney Bus Museum will take place in 2016.
September 2015
  • Three Papers currently published include:

- Ho C, Mulley C, Tsai C, Ison S and Wiblin S 2015 'Area-wide travel plans - targeting strategies for greater participation in green travel initiatives: a case study of Rouse Hill Town Centre, NSW Australia', Transportation.

- Aditjandra PT, Cao J and Mulley C2015 'Exploring changes in public transport use and walking, following residential relocation: A British case study', Journal of Transport and Land Use.

- Tsai C, Mulley C, Burke M and Yen B 2015 'Exploring property value effects of ferry terminals: Evidence from Brisbane, Australia', Journal of Transport and Land Use.

  • The 37th Australasian Transport Research Forum is being hosted in Sydney by Transport for NSW and UNSW from 30 September to 2 October.
  • ITLS contributes chapters to a new book on Bus Rapid Transit that was launched at the Thredbo 14 conference in Santiago, Chile.
  • ITLS has teamed up with the Busways Group to offer a PhD scholarship to work on a joint project focussed on public transport systems.
June 2015
  • Four Papers currently published include:

- Hensher DA, Ho C and Mulley C 2015 'Identifying resident preferences for bus-based and rail-based investments as a complementary buy in perspective to inform project planning prioritisation'.

- Moutou CJ, Stopher PR, Longden T and Liu W 2015 'The Challenges and Opportunities of In-Depth Analysis of Multi-day and Multi-year Data'.

- Hensher DA 'Customer service quality and benchmarking in public transport contracts'.

- Legaspi J, Hensher DA and Wang B 2015 Forthcoming 'Estimating the wider economic benefits of transport investments: The case of the Sydney North West Rail Link project'.

  • The Journal of Public Transportation has published a comprehensive analysis of the public transport research from 2009-2013.
  • Sydney's bus routes are in for a major shake-up from October 4.
March 2015
  • Four Papers currently published include:

-Hensher DA, Mulley C and Rose JM 'Understanding the Relationship between Voting Preferences for Public Transport and Perceptions and Preferences for Bus Rapid Transit versus Light Rail'.

-Hensher DA, Ho C and Mulley C 2015 'Identifying preferences for public transport investments under a constrained budget'.

-Tsai C, Mulley C, Burke M and Yen B 'Exploring property value effects of ferry terminals: Evidence from Brisbane, Australia'.

-Ma L, Ye R and Titheridge H 'Capitalization Effects of Rail Transit and Bus Rapid Transit on Residential Property Values in a Booming Economy: Evidence from Beijing'.

  • Enrolments are now open for the four day professional development Certificate course and for the three day 'Refresher' course for participants who have previously completed the Certificate of Transport Management.
  • Two new research projects include: ‘Accessibility and public transport’ and ‘Benchmarking of Bus Rapid Transit.’
  • The family owned Carbridge is the largest Aviation bus company in Australia with 24 million passengers a year and is in the middle of a 6 month trial of a pure electric bus made by China's BYD.
December 2014
  • TLS Seminar Series include presentations from Professor Karen Lucas, Associate Professor of Transport Geography and Director of Research and Innovation, Sally Stannard, former Executive Director for Transport and Infrastructure in TRANSlink and Professor Abigail Bristow, Loughborough University.
  • Six Papers currently published include:

      -Mulley C and Moutou CJ 2015 Forthcoming 'Not too late to learn from the Sydney Olympics experience: Opportunities offered by multimodality in current transport policy'.

      -Mulley C and Reedy L 2015 Forthcoming 'Research into Policy: A case study of improving the research evidence base for transport policy makers in NSW'.

      -Tsai C, Mulley C and Merkert R 2015 'Measuring the Cost Efficiency of Urban Rail Systems: An International Comparison Using DEA and Tobit Models'.

      -Clifton G, Mulley C and Hensher DA 2014 'Bus Rapid Transit versus Heavy Rail in suburban Sydney - Comparing successive iterations of a proposed heavy rail line project to the pre-existing BRT network'.

      -Ho C and Mulley C 2014 'Metrobuses in Sydney: How high capacity and high frequency services are benefiting the Metropolitan fringe'.

      -Mulley C and Walters J 2014 'Workshop 7: Innovative finance for innovative public transport'.

  • Professor John Stanley, in conjunction with the Bus Industry Confederation, has published a number of policy papers.
  • Three new research projects include: ‘Physical health and environmental factors’, ‘Merseyside’ and ‘Accessibility and public transport.’
September 2014
  • Upcoming seminars focused on public transport include:

      -14 October 2014: Clint Feuerherdt of Transit Systems will present on the topic of ferries

      -28 October 2014: Sally Stannard of TRANSlink will present on the frequency of public transport services in South East Queensland

  • Five Papers currently published include:

      -Hensher DA, Ellison R and Mulley C 2014 'Assessing the employment agglomeration and social accessibility impacts of high speed rail in Eastern Australia'.

      -Hensher DA, Zheng L and Ho C 2014 'The role of source preference and subjective probability in valuing expected travel time savings'.

      -Ison S, Merkert R and Mulley C 2014 'Policy approaches to public transport at airports - some diverging evidence from the UK and Australia'.

      -Tsai C, Mulley C and Clifton G 2014 'Forecasting public transport demand for the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area: A comparison of univariate and multivariate methods'.

      -Tirachini A, Hensher DA and Bliemer MCJ 2014 'Accounting for travel time variability in the optimal pricing of cars and buses’

  • Three new research projects include: ‘Pilot stage of the project looking at physical health and environmental factors in the commute’, ‘Travel training to help people with intellectual disabilities transition to mainstream employment’ and ‘MetroScan: a quick-scan tool for assessing metropolitan infrastructure projects and transport policy.’
June 2014
  • Neil Smith, founder of Transit Systems, presented on 3 June on the topic of Effective Bus Networks. His presentation drew on his experience winning and operating contracts in London, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and now Sydney. The presentation is available on the ITLS website here
  • 3 Recent Papers include: 
    • Hensher DA 2014 'The relationship between bus contract costs, user perceived service quality and performance assessment', International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, vol.8:1, pp. 5-27 
    • Mulley C 2014 'Accessibility and Residential Land Value Uplift: Identifying Spatial Variations in the Accessibility Impacts of a Bus Transitway', Urban Studies, vol.51:8, pp. 1707-24
    • Tirachini A, Hensher DA and Rose JM 2014 'Multimodal pricing and optimal design of public transport services: the interplay between traffic congestion and bus crowding', Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, vol.61: pp. 33-54
  • Certificate of Transport Management | 30 July - 2 August 2014 and Certificate of Transport Management Refresher Course | 30 July - 1 August 2014. Enrolments close soon. For more information click here
  • Ahead of the opening of a new light rail line for the Gold Coast, Translink is reorganising bus routes, removing services that duplicate the tram to boost frequencies on feeder services.
March 2014
  •  A big think start small project was awarded Blue Sky funding from the University of Sydney's Henry Halloran Trust for 'RateIT', a project to create a crowd-sourced real-time app to improve passenger experience. Third year IT students will design and build the system and it will be tested on selected routes with Forest passengers.
  • Professor Corinne Mulley has been asked to join the transport panel reviewing Infrastructure Australia's audit of projects and to be on the reference panel for the National Guidelines Review which is updating and renewing advice on project evaluation. 
  • Geoffrey Clifton and Catherine Raffaele (from the Workplace Research Centre) won a $5,000 development grant from the Business of Health Network of the Business School for this interdisciplinary project examining the social and economic importance of better facilitating access to work for people with disability. 
  • The extension of the light rail from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill is now open. The new link follows the old freight rail line and provides a new cross-regional route across the Inner West.
September 2013
  • Professor Corinne Mulley and Dr Patrick Tsai have been awarded a University of Sydney Business School General Research and Industry Partnership Grant for the "Investigation of the potential to develop flexible or on-demand transport solutions for regional NSW"
  • Professor David Hensher has been honoured with the Smart 2013 Premier Award for Excellence for his personal outstanding and significant contribution to the profession of supply chain management in Australia. 
  • The 13th World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR) was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in July 2013 and the public transport team from ITLS presented three public transport related papers on: 'Hypothecation and the parking levy: lessons from Sydney and Nottingham' , 'Effects of bus rapid transit on housing price: evidence from Sydney, Australia' and 'Economic characteristics and the minimum efficient scale of Taipei Mass Rapid Transit'
  • Transport for NSW has announced an outlay of $37 million this financial year for the expansion of the Sydney Metropolitan and Outer Metropolitan bus fleets through the purchase of 76 new 'growth' buses to be deployed on both existing bus routes and 10 new routes. 
  • Real-time bus information at major bus stops across Canberra is expected to be fully rolled out by the end of this year. The information system, known as NXTBUS, will track ACTION buses via GPS and provide live information about arrival times online, over the phone and on digital displays installed at bus stations.
  • An extra 30 minutes will be added to the off-peak fare period for Brisbane's public transport network from January next year. The off-peak period that offers a 20 percent of fare discount will start at 8.30am rather than the current 9am. However, public transport fares will increase by 7.5 percent from next year too.
  • A public consultation has been launched by Transport for London (TfL) seeking the views of customers as to whether cash fare payments on London buses should be ended.
March 2013
  • ITLS have received a grant from the Business School to carry out a pilot project to examine whether a dollar value can be put on the health outcomes of travelling by public transport as compared to by car. 
  • Passengers using Sydney's eastern suburbs line, running between Bondi Junction and the city, will be the first to use Sydney's new Opal public transport card from the middle of 2013.
  • Real time information of Sydney Buses can now be tracked by using one of three new free apps, TripView, TripGo or Arrivo Sydney. The apps determine the location of buses and estimated arrival times based on GPS tracking and historical data made available by Transport for NSW.
  • Transport for NSW has announced changes to the eligibility criteria for tertiary student travel concessions on 21 February 2013. Students attending evening classes or working part-time are now eligible for travel concessions.
  • New research by Stephen Burks shows that commercial truck drivers in the United States are much more likely than their normal weight colleagues to have a crash in their first two years in the job. Should public transport operators be concerned that the same might be true for public transport drivers?
September 2012
  • Long Term Master Plan for NSW
  • Land Value Capture and the Liverpool to Parramatta Transitway 
  • Multiple purposes at single destination: A key to a better understanding of the relationship between tour complexity and mode choice
  • New bus contracts for Sydney and Melbourne
  • New Double Deck Bus on trial in Sydney  
June 2012
  • Research in Flexible Transport
  • The Impact of Neighbourhood Design on Public Transport Use
  • New River Crossing in London - the Emirates 'Air Line'
  • BTS forecast great increases in public travel in the future  
March 2012
  • Research in Transportation Business and Management: Special issue on Accessibility
  • Improved information for better land transport in our cities
  • Professors David Hensher and Corinne Mulley appointed to the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan Transport Specialists Advisory Group
  • Opening of the longest guided busway: Cambridge UK and extensions to Brisbane's Busways

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