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BIC 2017 National Annual Conference - Hobart November 12 - 15 


2017 Conference Program and Registration


The National Annual Conference for the bus and coach industry includes 2.5 days of plenary with 6 block-buster sessions:



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The Registration/Service desk will be open from 12:30pm on Sunday November 12 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor where delegates can collect their goodies bag. The Bus Industry Confederation and associates of the Bus Australia Network look forward to welcoming guests to the customary welcome cocktail party at The Henry Jones Art Hotel (1 min walk from the Grand Chancellor) 6pm to 8pm. Official opening of proceedings will be on Monday November 13 at 8:30am.        

Last year at the National Conference in Perth, we took an in-depth look at public transport futures technology - ride-sourcing, uber, shaping consumer use of transport and emerging trends.

This year, we will take this conversation further and focus specifically on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and the role of buses and coaches in the ever competitive door-to-door public mobility chain. MaaS is well documented as an emerging global megatrend which means the Australian bus and coach industry need to be organised and participate in the design of the role and place of buses and coaches for the mobility future; a future where the consumer can have multiple choices for their whole-of-journey experience. We believe that Bus has a role to play in the delivery of future mass and social transit services and can also have a role in delivering on demand, “last mile” and other ride sharing and emerging innovative and intelligent mobility services.


Our message to all governments is that bus, can in fact be the cornerstone of future passenger transport with its expertise, assets and understanding of the task. It is our belief that the bus industry working closely with governments could path the way to deliver fully integrated passenger mobility services for the future.

We welcome any organisation involved in the mobility chain - government agencies, ministers of transport, infrastructure and cities – to attend the conference in Hobart and actively engage in the discussions on shaping our public and social transit services into the MaaS future.



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