Moving Australia


2019 BIC National Conference

November 17 to 20, 2019

Canberra, Australia


The BIC National Conference on Moving People - A National Priority, concluded on November 20 at the Iveco Big Arvo Out in Turner, with the auction bus built by Iveco and Volgren driving out of Canberra on its way to a new home at Swan Hill Bus Lines. The funds raised from the auction proceedings at the Big Arvo Out provides a significant monetary boost to the various projects and industry campaigns we undertake at the BIC. We sincerely thank all the buyers and for industry as a whole for your continued support for the traditional end of conference auction.

As always, we cannot undertake the significant task of bringing a high quality plenary and social program to industry, without the generosity and commitment from our BIC members and sponsors. We had 41 organisations working with us this year to elevate the delegate experience at the national conference. A big pat on the back to all of our sponsors.

A special nod to Transport Canberra and City Services, for providing free PT travel for our delegates and partners. Thank you to Judith Sturnam Executive Group Manager, Ian McGlinn Executive Branch Manager Bus Operations and your team for your generous support for the BIC conference and provision of bus transfers.

Thank you also to SURA Australian Bus and Coach and the NHVR for sponsoring the National Awards this year. Congratulations to Rob Wright of Moreland Bus Lines for your Achiever of the Year Award and CDC NSW for the National Safety Award, presented to Mark Harbridge. 2020 will see all 5 National Awards opened up for nominations.

The conference saw over 430 delegates and partners in attendance as representatives from 140 organisations. 45% of represented organisations were comprised of private and government run bus operations, while supply/manufacture organisations made up 31% and government departments/heads - 17%, with the remaining organisations being academia and advocacy groups.

Thank you to speakers, chairs and panellists - your eagerness to participate in the conference plenary and bring to Canberra some high protein brain food and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated in a place that can often be noted for its dry political landscape.  A full list of speakers can be found here. View the full plenary program here.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions the 2020 conference has been cancelled. Once life is back to normal there will no doubt be plans for new events in the very near future. 


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