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View from Canberra 2019 October

In this edition of the View from Canberra we discuss the details of the upcoming BIC conference.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Catherine King, Albo’s new transport and infrastructure spokesperson, Janet Rice, the Greens transport spokesperson, Scott Buchholz, the Federal Minister for Road Safety and Chris Steel, the ACT Minister for Transport and City Services will all provide keynote addresses and outline their policy and plans for our industry.

The conference program will look at how you can grow your business and be a part of the future growth of public transport and the role of bus. And the partners program this year will be like no other we’ve run before, it will be very unique.
View from Canberra 2019 September

This month we talk about school transport. With so much concern around climate change, it surprises me that only about a quarter of kids catch the bus to school. The majority it seems are transported in cars every morning and afternoon mainly in our cities where most people live, and traffic congestion and environmental concern are largest. Yet it seems governments in all states and territories do not see school bus travel as part of the solution to these major national challenges for cities and growing regions.

View from Canberra 2019 August

In this edition we discuss the BIC National Conference and the 2019 Infrastructure Australia Audit Report that was publicly released on 13 August. The report paints a dire prediction about our future if Australia does not get serious about investing in infrastructure and getting public transport right.

The upcoming conference theme, Moving People - a National Priority is to make sure governments are listening and acting and emphasise the role of all governments to get moving and work with Industry to meet the public transport challenges ahead and recognise the role of the bus as the biggest mover of people every day in the public transport system no matter where you live.

View from Canberra 2019 July There is currently a Review of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) being undertaken by the National Transport Commission (NTC). The BIC and Bus Australia Network (BAN) are currently participating in this and have formed a Working Group to develop Industry responses to each discussion paper. There will be 8 discussion papers over the next few months. The BIC has submitted its response to the Risk Based Regulation discussion paper which is available on the BIC website.
View from Canberra 2019 June This month’s View discusses the recent election. The 46th Federal Parliament has been established after an interesting federal election campaign. The ministry and shadow ministry have been announced and generally it is all pretty good for the bus and coach industry.
The Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Leader of the Australian Greens and the Minister for Industrial Relations Christian Porter have all been invited to speak at the Conference in November.
View from Canberra 2019 May This month we talk about the upcoming BIC conference being held in Canberra in November and discuss some of the conference program. This year significant parts of the program that will be relevant to rostering and scheduling. We will be inviting a number of dignitaries including the people-elect Prime Minister, Scott Morrison and the party-elect Leader of the Opposition.
We also talk about some of the things that were discussed at the last BIC Council meeting including why the BIC Council agreed that minor amendments to the BIC Constitution were necessary. As well as the national work program 2019-2022. 
View from Canberra - Special Election Commentary 2019 The Federal budget was and is the Federal Election central theme. With the election just a few weeks away, this special edition of the View from Canberra discusses just that. By the time the BIC National Conference rolls around, the 46th Parliament of Australia will have formed and the voter-elected PM will be invited to join us at the conference. 
View from Canberra 2019 April

In this edition we are again talking about our federal election primer. The May 18 election is coming up fast and it will be here before we know it. We need our voice, your voice, as an industry to be heard across the political spectrum so we have provided some ideas about what you can do as an operator or supplier.

We call on everyone to get on board with this campaign because ultimately the pollie you talk to today could very well be the one who in fact wins.

View from Canberra 2019 March Once upon a time it was believed that everyone would be driving their own cars in the future. It was soon obvious that there was a need for buses to transport people without cars and the governments become involved. Today, state and territory governments subsidise passenger fares and invest in the public transport network. The policy focus of every Australian government today is about how to encourage the use of alternatives for the car. The BIC National Conference will ask the hard questions about future bus business and the opportunities that are ready to be taken, so mark your diary to attend the Conference - November 17-20. 
View from Canberra 2019 February

This month we talk about the growing need for better public transport services in our cities and regions and with a federal election looming, we discuss a very straight forward 6 point Action plan that we’ve pulled together for the consideration of all of the political parties and candidates.

This federal election provides the opportunity for the next government of Australia to deliver a future “intergovernmental agreement” on moving people. This is why we call on the federal government to adopt our Fair Go Guarantee. 

View from Canberra 2019 January

In this edition of the View from Canberra we discuss the upcoming federal election. Whoever wins government in the next federal election, public transport and how we move people in our cities and regions will be on the policy and program agendas of the government.

The fact that Public Transport is on the political agenda at a federal level is a major achievement that operators and suppliers should be rightly proud to have achieved. 
View from Canberra 2018 November

This months View attempts to provide a definition of the carnival of politics. After the recent (most say, unexpected) land-slide result in the Victorian election, Michael Apps Executive Director of the BIC, is ready to tell a story of when the circus came to town and simply never left. It is a worthwhile read to get the political view from capital hill in Canberra.

View from Canberra 2018 October

In this edition we discuss some of the highlights of the very memorable 2018 Australasia Bus Conference that was held in sunny North Queensland. The attendance numbers of delegates, partners and children was absolutely remarkable. Between the great plenary focusing on future mobility, amazing speakers which included Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack and the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Tourism, Anthony Albanese and some of the best social events ever held, the all-round feedback from the conference was extremely positive.

We’ve announced that the 2019 Conference will be held in Canberra. Because we have a Federal election next year, there is no better time than now to hold a conference in our nation's capital. We have already started planning a great program and social events.

The Industry Census Survey has been extended as we need more responses to make it a worthwhile exercise. So if you haven’t completed the survey, simply jump online to participate in a once in a generation survey. 
View from Canberra 2018 September

In this month’s View we discuss how the Bus Australia Network is undertaking a national industry census and is asking all bus operators, big and small to participate so that we have a good snapshot of our industry.

All of the details from this survey are critical to explain to Government the important role we play, the value and contribution we make to the economy and our role as a part of the fabric of all Australian communities. The information will be the foundation of Industry advocacy efforts over the next decade. A comprehensive bus and coach industry census is well overdue with the last of its kind done way back in 2003. We are urging all bus and coach operators to participate.

View from Canberra 2018 August With the Australasia Bus Conference just around the corner we explain why the theme for 2018 is Moving People-Century 21. All the worries of the turnover to the year 2000 doesn’t seem all that long ago, but there has been a dramatic change over the last 18 years and today we are right in the middle of the biggest revolution in transport globally. With things changing so rapidly, everyone in the Industry could really benefit from attending the Australasia Bus Conference. The program is full of great speakers and content and as usual the networking and social events provide just as much learning value. 
View from Canberra 2018 July In this edition of the View from Canberra we discuss the changes happening all around us in regards to transport and mobility. Due to a range of megatrends things are changing very rapidly! This is why the BIC conference program is so focused once again on the “nearby” future because change is only just around the corner and your business will depend on being ready to adapt and be part of the delivery of a much wider range of mobility services. So get organised and join us in Cairns October 7-10. 
View from Canberra 2018 June In this month's View we discuss the National Industry Summits and the National Industry Dinner that were held in Canberra on June 27. We talk about the topics that were covered during the Summits as well as questions/topics that arose from the various presentations. The entire day was a huge success and was topped off by the Industry Dinner whereby the Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, Anthony Albanese Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Transport, Regional Development, Cities and Tourism and Senator Janet Rice the Greens spokesperson for Transport, all spoke. With over 200 in attendance, it was a truly great evening.
View from Canberra 2018 May (2) In this edition we discuss the importance of presence and participation. The whole concept of "presence", of being there, part of the discussion, is a solely human characteristic that cannot be replaced by technology, or anything other than participating in person.  

Presence is the sole of our community, the soul of your business and that is why BIC runs events like the Summits and BIC Conference. These events are about your presence and participation, about the opportunity available to you to contribute and be part of something bigger, to learn and grow yourself and your business.  

View from Canberra 2018 May (1) This month we are calling on bus operators to consider not buying the products of freeloaders'. For the purposes of this article, 'freeloaders' are defined as suppliers operating in the bus industry who reap the benefit of the industry work undertaken by BIC and by State Associations, without contributing to the success of the industry by way of membership support. The BIC also acknowledges that many suppliers have been long time supporters of the BIC, and believe it is time for operators to pay respect to this when making purchasing decisions for their business.
View from Canberra 2018 April In this edition we discuss the Inaugural Australasia Bus Conference being held in Cairns October 7-10.
This joint BIC and BCANZ Conference is all about leading the discussion with Industry, governments and the public. The conference is a part of ensuring the bus and coach industry is taking a leadership role as an industry as a whole and a leadership role as individual businesses - operator and supplier, to work with governments and thought leaders to understand our role in future mobility. An insight into the current program is also given in this edition.
View from Canberra 2018 March

The BIC has always voiced its strong belief that the federal government has a very important leadership and strategic role to play in the growth of our cities and regions, and we are now seeing all major political parties in Canberra are really paying attention. The most recent report coming out of Infrastructure Australia (IA) reflects very much the research and policy paper series that BIC has been presenting to all levels of government for more than a decade. This IA Report sends a dire warning about the thought bubble that personalised autonomous modules for transport is going to address the challenges of population growth and congestion — as we look to the current debate about Mobility as a Service(Maas), future mobility and new technology. The joint BIC and BCANZ Conference from Oct 7-10 in Cairns is themed "Moving People Century 21"  which will be about leading this discussion with Industry and staying ahead of the game.

View from Canberra 2018 February

With an election looming, BIC will be strongly focused on the development of important policy papers focused on regional development and connecting villages, towns, regions and cities and the economic value of getting passenger transport right and the future mobility task and the role of the Federal Government.

Registrations will be open soon for the Australian School Bus Summit and Coach Connections Summit and Industry Dinner - June 27.

In this edition we also discuss the 3rd 5 year review of disability standards for accessible public transport and Motor Scooter regulation.

View from Canberra 2018 January

In this month's View we discuss what we believe will be some of the biggest challenges the industry may face in 2018. Buses over 2.5m wide seems to be a big topic of discussion at the moment. The key issue is the level of road access that is going to be provided by State authorities for over width buses. Our read is that general access is highly unlikely (not going to happen) and some kind of controlled access on acceptable road networks might be considered. 

View from Canberra 2017 December In this edition of the View from Canberra, we recap the 2017 BIC Conference which was held in Hobart and was a huge success. With near perfect weather on most days, conference delegates attended the plenary sessions in unprecedented numbers and partners enjoyed a wonderful Tasmania experience. The social events were incredibly entertaining and the all-round feedback was very positive. Announced in Hobart was that in 2018 the BIC will join up with Bus and Coach Association NZ for a joint event in Cairns from October 7 to 10. We also take a look at the year ahead.
View from Canberra 2017 November

The policy focus of BIC has been to highlight how buses are part of the solution to the challenges that face our cities and regions and to work toward a nation that no longer sees the car as essential and sees other mobility options as a real choice. In the last few weeks we have seen a significant recognition of the work that BIC has been undertaking that will make a long term difference to every bus business in Australia. This relates to announcements made by the NSW government. Announcements that we will be hearing from all states and territories going forward I believe. Announcements that very much reflect everything BIC has been advocating for over the past decade and better still endorsed by the Federal government.

View from Canberra 2017 October

This month's View provides interesting commentary on the state of ITS (intelligent transport systems), connectivity of technologies and mobility as a service and its PT impact. With the recent decision from Transport for London not to renew Uber's licence, it is evident that Uber is in fact not a transport operator and there is more to the transport task than connecting a service with a passenger.

View from Canberra 2017 September

The BIC has recently made a submission into the future of our cities and regions and the Federal Governments role that focusses on the importance of how we move people in the future to ensure our cities and regions continue to be productive and livable.

Australia’s cities are the envy of many internationally for their livability. However, we could be doing better in terms of long term goal achievement related to population growth and land use transport system performance.

View from Canberra 2017 August

BIC announces vital NHVR funding into road safety initiatives for the bus and coach industry.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has become a part of the bus industry’s operational reality over the last few years. The BIC has worked closely with NHVR since its establishment, more often than not making sure they understand the difference between truck operations and bus operations. Sal Petroccitto, the CEO, has been a great supporter of BIC and having his people think about the key difference between the task that trucks (freight) and buses (walking and talking freight) undertake.

View from Canberra 2017 July

In this edition of the View from Canberra, we take a look at future transport services - what and where will the bus industry be.

The bus industry is already involved in the changing passenger task. As an industry we are already providing real time information to passengers, electronic timetables on their phones and WIFI on buses. Industry is already in a mode of transformational change. This is going to continue as we move into a different marketplace and business models that will offer a variety of transport options for travellers to get from A to B. PT will be a central plank of future mobility.

View from Canberra 2017 June

Read BIC's response to Infrastructure Australia's new report released on 26 May 2017, titled Improving Public Transport – Customer Focused Franchising.  The Report primarily focusses on the ''franchising'' of government owned rail and bus networks in Australia’s largest cities on a periodic basis:- “The private operation of public transport through time limited exclusive franchises”.

The Report argues that “the national government has a direct interest in more efficient transport service delivery and this direct interest represents a strong case for the federal government to incentivise the states and territories to embark upon reform under the Customer Focused Transport Model.”

View from Canberra 2017 May Bus and public transportation is a service. As part of the fabric of the multi modal transportation services, Industry will soon be subjected to passenger choices, needs and requirements to access transportation services through phone applications. Mobility as a Service or MaaS is uncharted waters for the Industry.
View from Canberra 2017 April As a result of the discussions concerning autonomous vehicles during the BIC Conference in 2016, a workshop was held on March 6 by the National Transport Commission  to continue the conversation. As always the industry is taking the initiative in leading these discussions to contribute to the efforts to shape the future of public transportation. 
View from Canberra 2017 March

Recap of a successful Summit and Industry Dinner. The presence of political leaders and their acknowledgements and ongoing support for the industry is important in recognising the crucial role that the industry contribute to key policies. Three key points were emphasised:

  • Retention of heavy vehicle manufacturing skills
  • Federal Government need to reform industrial relations laws
  • Future of our cities and regions and how we will move people.
View from Canberra 2017 February A strong focus of the 2016 Conference was to look ahead to the future with challenges pose by ride sharing services such as Uber, and the reshaping of public transportation due to 'on demand' services. Driverless and autonomous vehicles were also on the agenda as it affects the future of the delivery of public transportation services by buses. At the Conference, the BIC called for the National Transport Commission to form a Bus Futures Working Group, to analyse issues and provide input. The National Transport Commission on 6 March will provide a platform to further advocate for the creation of the Futures Working Group.  
View from Canberra 2017 January Overview of BIC events in 2017. National Industrial Relations Seminar and the National Technical and Suppliers Summit will take place in Canberra on 28 February. It will conclude with an Industry Dinner that will have the attendance of a cross-section of Federal Members and Senators. BIC Council meeting will be held on 1 March 2017. BIC National Conference will be held in Hobart from 12-15 November 2017.
View from Canberra 2016 December The 2016 BIC Conference in Perth was a great success with a large number in attendance. A general consensus from the Conference is that mass transit will continue to be provided and buses will continue to have a major contribution to play where there are no railway routes. The conference provided a platform for discussion about the future of regional, rural and remote passenger transport. Challengers such as Uber only provide solutions for urban transport, and regional solutions do not yet exist. Governments will continue uphold their obligations that is the foundation for providing mass and social transit services. 
View from Canberra 2016 November Increasing investment in public transport infrastructure is unprecedented in Australian history. Issues of livability in our cities and suburbs, congestion and transport accessibility and connectivity in our regions were major issues during the 2016 Federal Election. Challenges to the Industry come from ride sharing and emerging technology such as autonomous vehicles. The objective is to ensure that emerging transport technologies improve transport safety, efficiency, sustainability and accessibility. The Industry needs to refocus and be aware of these impending changes to the transportation landscape, plan ahead, adapt our businesses and capitalise on the opportunities.  
View from Canberra 2016 October BIC initiated the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Better Cities (PFG) in 2014. Since its humble beginnings of 5 like-minded member organisations, the group has grown its membership to 15 national organisations. The focus of the PFG is to highlight the importance of the major parties’ place and role in shaping the future of our cities. Our events provides thought provoking policy discussion at the highest levels and promotion of the bus and coach industry as part of the solution for the future of our nation.  

View from Canberra_2016_September


Changes to transportation has been fast due to technological advances within the last century. Changes in the 21st century is moving even faster, and the ferocity of these changes are unstoppable. Technological changes often catches Governments and Industries by surprise and slow responses does not cater for the customer driven demands. Traditional markets must now compete with new markets like Uber, which has reshaped the public transportation market almost immediately.

View from Canberra_2016_August


An interesting observation of the federal election was that the cost of living and transport are evidently core local issues, and with transport taking up such a large percentage of the average family household budget, we are seeing unprecedented investment into public transport infrastructure in most states and territories by the federal and state governments. Investment that is unprecedented in the history of the nation.

The impact of this federal election and the protest vote against the major parties to look at more local issues will only strengthen the major parties resolve to deliver real on the ground benefits in the form of infrastructure and services.

It can only be a win - win for public transport and bus, a very good reason to get to the BIC Conference and see where your business is heading from federal and state Ministers and senior decision makers and industry leaders.

July 2016
View from Canberra_2016_July


A new Government and new Ministry. If the election was any indication then all political parties are on a public transport high with their agendas for the next 3 years. Get "the view" on the election outcome, the expected, the surprises and what impacts are we likely to see in the world of bus business. This year’s conference program will be particularly topical about public transport futures.

June 2016
View from Canberra_2016_June


Contributors or Freeloaders

In this View from Canberra, Michael Apps reflects on an intensive 2 month industry briefing campaign that was taken to federal, state and territory Ministers, Shadow Ministers, Director Generals and senior officers in every jurisdiction. He puts to Industry operators and suppliers who are not currently contributing to the Industry as members, should start by becoming a National or State Association Member.

May 2016
View from Canberra _2016_May


Federal Election announced and the race is on. The BIC believes tri- partisan (Greens, ALP and Coalition) support for federal government involvement in cities and public transport, it will become a race to see who can promise the most in this election. The BIC has also produced a special Federal Election Primer for Industry to take to the local members and talk about our moving people solutions for better cities and regions.

April 2016
View from Canberra_2016_April


What makes an individual change their choice of travel even if it is just once a week? And how do you change the NIMBY (not in my back yard) mentality of driving the car.
The Federal Government, and in particular Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s commitment to a Cities and Built Environment portfolio provides some hope for the future of Australian cities, but this will not solve the current and immediate congestion concerns.

March 2016
View from Canberra_2016_March


Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss resigns and PM Malcolm Turnbull does a re-shuffle. The View from Canberra opinions that the re-shuffle and appointment will be good for Industry with Barnaby as Deputy PM, Darren Chester as the new Minister for Infrastructure & Transport, Angus Taylor as Assistant Cities Minister and Fiona Nash as new Deputy Leader for the NATS and Minister for Regional Development.

February 2016

View from Canberra February 2016 View from Canberra February 2016 (211 KB)

UBER, Micro Transit and DRT (Demand Responsive Transport), in these times of automatic gratification and high customer demand and expectation, what does the introduction of these new transport options mean for traditional bus services? Read more about Demand Responsive Transport and what it means for our Industry in this month’s View from Canberra.
January 2016

View from Canberra - January 2016 View from Canberra - January 2016 (244 KB)

What’s 2016 got in stall for the Bus Industry? Read a summary of some key issues and projects that will impact you and support your business over the next 12 months.
December 2015

View from Canberra December 2015 View from Canberra December 2015 (199 KB)

It has been a busy year for the BIC, and as we come to the end of 2015, we reflect on some of the big events that occurred.
2016 will bring a new beginning in the BIC advocacy efforts and we look forward to working with the Industry in the coming year.
Finally the BIC would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  
November 2015

View from Canberra November 2015 View from Canberra November 2015 (244 KB)

What does Road Pricing have to do with this Bus Industry and you?
These questions were discussed at the recent BIC Conference in Singapore. Singapore has had electronic road pricing in place for many years now and paying for the use of roads, in the same way you pay for utilities like water and may be the norm in the very near future for Australians.
Read more about Road Pricing in Australia and Singapore in this month’s View from Canberra.
October 2015

View from Canberra October 2015 View from Canberra October 2015 (345 KB)

The BIC is proud to become a founding member of the newly formed National Tourism Council. Buses and Coaches play a key role and are a big contributor to Australia’s tourism economy. The formation of this council will see a positive change for the Bus and Coach Industry.
September 2015

View From Canberra September 2015 View From Canberra September 2015 (329 KB)

If you have not registered for the BIC Conference as yet, then it is time to make the decision and come and support your Industry and think about where your business, whether you are a supplier or operator is heading in the next 10 or 20 years.
August 2015

View from Canberra August 2015 View from Canberra August 2015 (234 KB)

The opportunities to grow local bus services and improve the overall public transport network will be a central theme of the 2015 BIC Conference. Convening in Singapore gives us the opportunity to embark on a learning exchange program about how we go about the business of moving people and how we connect our neighbourhoods.

Read more about the 2015 BIC Conference and Singapore in this month's View from Canberra.
July 2015

View from Canberra - July 2015 View from Canberra - July 2015 (235 KB)

With the Government now half way through their Parliamentary term, it seems there has been a subtle change in language in relation to public transport and investing in our cities. Is this genuine support from the Federal Government?
June 2015

View from Canberra - June 2015 View from Canberra - June 2015 (154 KB)

Bus Business set to Boom
With the passenger transport task, both road and public transport across our 6 largest capital cities, is projected to increase by 58% from 622 million km per day to 982 million km per day in 2031. Currently public transport carries one in six Australians to work.

In this month's column we ask bus & coach operators are ready for the tsunami of future public transport demand. What are you going to do in your business to meet the 89% increase in demand for public transport by 2031?
May 2015

View from Canberra - May 2015 View from Canberra - May 2015 (206 KB)

With the upcoming budget and the generally held belief that our economy is not in good shape, the BIC looks at the state of congestion in our cities and what could be real dollar-value returns in getting people out of traffic and being more productive workers and generating consumer spending.
April 2015

View from Canberra - April 2015 View from Canberra - April 2015 (286 KB)

Read the industry "elevator pitch" - exactly what would we say to Tony Abbott if we had 1 minute to convey what it is we the bus industry does and what he can do to support and ensure our prosperous future.
1. Get State Governments to invest more in public transport (with Federal Government incentives).
2. Encourage people to walk, cycle or catch a bus for short trips (promotes 20 minute city concepts)
3. Give people the information they need to make good travel choices.
March 2015

View from Canberra - March 2015 View from Canberra - March 2015 (280 KB)

As the bus industry we might be the unglamorous work horse of the public transport network but we might just be the key to achieving the compromise between making our cities globally competitive powerhouses of the future and retaining them as the places where the great majority of Australians enjoy a high quality of life.  Read the latest policy paper from the BIC which tells how we can achieve a 20 minute city and connect our neighbourhoods.
February 2015

View from Canberra - February 2015 View from Canberra - February 2015 (283 KB)

The Queensland election is over and everyone is so surprised. The BIC looks at what this could mean for the bus industry with the upcoming election in NSW and we take a closer look at the early signs that the Coalition Government will seek to mandate reform to workplace relations.
 January 2015

View from Canberra January 2015 View from Canberra January 2015 (63 KB)

2015 has started with a bang, with an early state election called in Queensland by Premier Campbell Newman. The election is to be held on 31 January, more than two months ahead of schedule. 
 December 2014

View from Canberra December 2014 View from Canberra December 2014 (17 KB)

The BIC attended the first meeting of the National Urban Policy Dialogue. This group will look at our cities and how we move people in them, how we design and build them and make them the knowledge drivers of our economy. Read more about what this means for the industry's Moving People message here.

November 2014

View_From_Canberra_November_2014 View_From_Canberra_November_2014 (83 KB)

A new trend that is emerging in research is “peak car” which tells us that across the world people are driving less. Peak car is measured by looking at vehicle kilometres travelled per person in a city or country. Read more about this phenomenon and what it means for public transport here.
 October 2014

View from Canberra October 2014 View from Canberra October 2014 (88 KB)

We were recently on hand at the nationally televised National Press Club Address to see Shadow Minister Albanese announce he has been given the Shadow Cities portfolio in addition to his Shadow Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism roles.

Read about this interesting development in how the Federal Opposition view their role in cities in this month's View from Canberra.

September 2014

View from Canberra September 2014 View from Canberra September 2014 (62 KB)

Those of you who couldn’t make it to the Gold Coast this year, I hope to see you at a future BIC National Conference. The 2015 National Conference will be held in Singapore from November 8 to 11 so watch this space for more information in the coming months.

 August 2014

View from Canberra August 2014 View from Canberra August 2014 (93 KB)

 This year’s Conference and Expo is set to be the biggest event held by the BIC since our establishment in Canberra. This is the first ever State and National combined conference. BIC will run a national based Conference program for three days and the QBIC will run a State based Conference program for one day. This will bring together the industry on an unprecedented scale.
 July 2014

View from Canberra July 2014 View from Canberra July 2014 (72 KB)

I have been writing about the Infrastructure Australia Amendment Bill (Bill) for more than six months and this View from Canberra will bring the saga to a close.

Read more about the big win the BIC helped achieve in this process. 

 June 2014


View from Canberra June 2014 View from Canberra June 2014 (56 KB)


Do you know that you probably qualify for the 50% discount to attend the Australasia Bus and Coach Expo and Conference? All bus and coach operators who are members of BIC or a State Association, Government representatives, tourism organisations and passenger transport associations are eligible.

Read more about the Australasia Bus and Coach Expo in this month's View from Canberra.

 May 2014


View from Canberra May 2014 View from Canberra May 2014 (36 KB)


During the election campaign, when then Opposition Leader and now Prime Minister Tony Abbott spoke about roads and not public transport being the Federal Government’s “knitting”, this was a setback from the progress we had seen under the previous Federal Government in taking a role in how we move people in Australia. But in adversity there is always opportunity.

Read more about how the BIC is working towards making Federal road funding a source of investment for bus priority in our cities.

 April 2014

View from Canberra April 2014 View from Canberra April 2014 (35 KB)



As reported in last month’s column the BIC made a strong Senate Inquiry submission related to the proposed Infrastructure Australia Amendment Bill.What happened next was a big win for the industry.

Read more about it in this month's View from Canberra

 March 2014

View from Canberra March 2014 View from Canberra March 2014 (34 KB)



There have been some headlining grabbing announcements this month (Qantas, cut down more trees), a lot of intrigue and accusations flying around (Stephen Conroy, Clive Palmer). Thankfully none of that has involved the bus industry.

Read more abouthow the bus industry has been quietly achieving in Canberra this month.

February 2014

View from Canberra February 2014 View from Canberra February 2014 (64 KB)



Things are heating up in Canberra, both in parliament and outside. The hot air from Canberra has to come from somewhere and BIC’s research program is the foundation on which we drive industry excellence and lobby federal politicians.

This month’s column takes a look at the two arms of our research and policy program and what this means in 2014.

 January 2014

View from Canberra January 2014 View from Canberra January 2014 (43 KB)

The 2013 BIC National Conference has a number of key themes that connect sessions together and align with the BIC research, policy focus and work program. 

Read more about the BIC National Conference in this month's View  from Canberra.

 Special Election Edition

View from Canberra Election Edition View from Canberra Election Edition (39 KB)

“Sound and fury signifying nothing” this was the very apt description of the federal election campaign by Kevin Rudd on the eve of a crushing defeat for Labor and his exit from the office of Prime Minister. Read about what the change of government and the next three years means for the BIC and the industry.

 September 2013

View from Canberra September 2013 View from Canberra September 2013 (38 KB)



The next 25 years to 2040 will be a challenging, but rewarding time for the bus industry. Read more about the next 25 years in this month's View from Canberra.

 August 2013


View from Canberra August 2013 View from Canberra August 2013 (41 KB)


Let me take you back 60 years in time to London. You’re on an iconic red double decker bus and the conductor asks you for your ticket.

What you don’t know about this conductor is that he is half as likely to die of a heart attack as the driver of the bus... Find out the reason why by reading this month's view from Canberra.

 July 2013

View from Canberra July 2013 View from Canberra July 2013 (37 KB)

The Queen is Dead, Long Live the King. Read about the leadership struggle in Canberra and its stunning conclusion.

 June 2013

View from Canberra - June 2013 View from Canberra - June 2013 (35 KB)

DDA Second Review Summary DDA Second Review Summary (50 KB)

 This month's View from Canberra focuses on the second five year review of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport and the representations made by the BIC on behalf of the industry. This month there is supplementary reading with a summary of the BIC's submission available.

 May 2013

View from Canberra May 2013 View from Canberra May 2013 (49 KB)

  1. Does size really matter?
  2. Is it time to agree to a national approach to bus service procurement?

 April 2013

View from Canberra April 2013 View from Canberra April 2013 (47 KB)

 How did the "Rudless Coup" impact on the BIC's Moving People Agenda in Canberra? Read the details here.

 March 2013

View from Canberra March 2013 View from Canberra March 2013 (36 KB)

The BIC draws the line on Bus Rapid Transit vs Light Rail.

 February 2013

View from Canberra February 2013 View from Canberra February 2013 (38 KB)

 WHO WILL WIN THE FEDERAL ELECTION? We can't tell you that in this month's view from Canberra, but we can tell you what the election means for our industry.

 January 2013

View from Canberra January 2013 View from Canberra January 2013 (57 KB)

Dusting off the Christmas cobwebs. A feature on BIC's new Moving People: Solutions for a Liveable Australia policy document and what it means for the industry.

 December 2012

View from Canberra December 2012 View from Canberra December 2012 (62 KB)

The last view from Canberra for 2012. What does the year ahead hold for the BIC in its lobbying in Canberra?

 November 2012

View from Canberra November 2012 View from Canberra November 2012 (44 KB)

 A post Conference wrap up from the BIC.

 October 2012

View from Canberra October 2012 View from Canberra October 2012 (37 KB)

 News about an upcoming series of publications from the BIC.

 Why you need to attend the BIC National Conference.

 September 2012

View from Canberra September 2012 View from Canberra September 2012 (48 KB)

 The BIC's View on:

- The effective life of vehicles

- Why you need to attend the BIC National Conference

 August 2012

View from Canberra August 2012 View from Canberra August 2012 (42 KB)

A preview of the sessions at the 2012 BIC National Conference.

 July 2012

View from Canberra July View from Canberra July (50 KB)


The BIC's View on:

-The Carbon Tax and what it means for you

- The BIC's Incident Management Guidelines for Bus Operators  

June 2012

View From Canberra June 2012 View From Canberra June 2012 (203 KB)

 The BIC's View on:

- competitive tendering and negotiated performance based contracts

- development of a National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR)

- update on mass increases on 2 axle and 3 axle buses

 May 2012

View From Canberra May 2012 View From Canberra May 2012 (196 KB)


All things BRT.  Projects in Australia on the go and the BIC's BRT Study Tour planning in the U.S.A and Canada

 April 2012

View From Canberra April 2012 View From Canberra April 2012 (67 KB)


The BIC Moving People Taskforce 2030 launch had Minister Albanese singing our praises at the annual bus industry dinner in Canberra.

 March 2012

View From Canberra March 2012 View From Canberra March 2012 (55 KB)



The BIC's view on:-
- the leadership struggle in the ALP and the non-event "Kevolution".  How strong is the leadership?
- NHVR and our industry issues that is not a "one size fits all" approach and lumping buses and trucks together as “heavy vehicles” does not recognise the operational and aspirational differences of the two industries.

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