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BIC and Industry Related Research

As a part of the BIC's activities in developing policy platforms for Moving People, we have developed a large library of research and studies across a whole range of industry related issues and challenges. As these research papers at times are vast and very specific we have categorised generally into the following areas:


Senior Research Fellowship with the Institute of Transport & Logistics Studies

The BIC runs a Research Fellowship program at the Institute of Transport & Logistics Studies (University of Sydney), which has generated our last two Moving People policy reports: Moving People - Solutions for a Growing Australia and Solutions for a Liveable Australia.  These reports can be accessed from our Policies page

General BIC Research Objective

Recognising the vital importance to Australia of developing a sustainable land transport system, BIC’s research program will provide the intellectual foundation for development of Australian bus services that:

It will pursue this objective through broadly supporting the capacity for public transport/bus related research in Australia and targeting specific research priorities likely to produce substantial benefits within the next five years.  

Family Business Succession Research

Swinburne University took on a significant research project with BIC Member - Pitcher Partners:  Family Business Succession Research.  The Research concluded at the end of 2013. The motivation for producing this research is that it is forecast that family businesses valuing $3.5 trillion will change hands over the next decade.  Couple this with the fact that over 75% of Australian businesses have no exit strategies or succession planning in place, puts a lot of pressure on businesses to remain sustainable and profitable.

The qualitative phase of the research concluded in 2012 and data suggested:

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Download the Research results

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